Willoughby Real Estate Company buys, sells, owns, manages and operates a strong portfolio of residential investment properties in the Washington, DC area, including Maryland. Through our aggressive approaches in real estate marketing and investing strategies, we have thrived in one of the nation’s toughest regions, where market fluctuations are frequent and severe. Our clients benefit from our unmatched experience; we enable them to weather hard times while ensuring maximum value when the economy is strong.

Our strength can be traced back to the beginning of the Willoughby story. At a time when the Great Depression plunged the nation into the worst economic disaster in history, Willoughby was built with the idea of creating something that could not only withstand tremendous economic adversity, but also help others do the same. Henry Willoughby, while working as a deliveryman for a local bread company, was asked to be involved in an aspect of the company that morally and ethically he would not do. As a result, he was fired.

In order to keep the roof over his family’s head, Henry began renting out a portion of his home. He watched in horror as others, one by one, began losing their homes, as the banks foreclosed and offered them up for auction at a fraction of their value. Grateful that his quick thinking enabled him to keep his own home, he realized he could help his neighbors from the lesson he had learned. He began to buy up the houses, easily obtaining mortgages from the desperate banks by furnishing them with a business plan showing positive cash flow. By reconfiguring the properties as multifamily rentals, soon both the banks and displaced homeowners alike were calling on Henry for his help as he purchased, reconfigured and manage homes throughout the D.C. area.

Since then, Willoughby has grown multifold and expanded to provide a full complement of Real Estate related services. Besides buying, selling and managing services, we also provide superior property renovation and maintenance services.

Today, Willoughby operates with the strength of character on which the company was founded back in 1937. Our outstanding reputation is a testament to our commitment to value and quality, personalized service and integrity.